This blog was originally created as a means for me to delve deeper into my own head.   I was constantly hearing, reading, and listening to people express their own beliefs and ideas, and I began to realize that I kept most of my thoughts to myself.  I never cared too much about any one issue to truly develop an opinion…  The more I listened to people talk, the more I realized I didn’t know how I truly felt about anything!  And so here it is; the vehicle to explore and develop my thoughts!  My blog!


As for myself, I am simply a young and naive college student from northwest Washington.  My plan for after graduation next fall is to raise enough money to spend at least 6 months traveling the world with my best buddy and immersing myself in a few of the many cultures that exist in this big, beautiful, and scary world.

At twenty-two years of age I have yet to witness my father without a mustache, am the youngest of five boys despite having a twin brother, and  own a German Short-Haired Pointer, Nitro, who is quite possibly the goofiest dog on earth.


Would love to hear your thoughts!

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